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Ep 07: Joyce Piper - Beauty & Following Your Dreams At Any Age

Season #1

Joyce Piper is The Face Yoga Coach and pro ageing facialist who is one of only a handful of people with such a high level of training in an incredible technique called Neo Lifting.

In her former successful careers, Joyce traveled the world for 20 years living and working in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Lybia before returning to Australia in 2019.

Through her own personal interest in health, Joyce became interested in holistic therapies in her 30’s way before it was cool or trendy and studied aromatherapy, reiki, massage and nutrition before discovering face yoga and falling in love with the results.

Now at 65, Joyce is just at the beginning of a whole new career diving into her own business full time and she has the courage to speak out and go against the tide of popular opinion that Botox and other invasive treatments are the only way to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Topics Discussed:
Starting a business at any age
The truth behind quick fix beauty procedures
Following signs from the universe
Exercise isn’t just for the body, your face has muscles too
Beauty from the inside out

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