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Ready to master your coaching and communication skills and grow your business?


Most coaches and well being practitioners start their business because they want to help people, right? But having worked with hundreds of clients, I know there are a few major hidden obstacles that business owners need to overcome.

Confidence to step up and out of your comfort zone.

Master your  mindset and learn the coaching and communication skills you need to become the go-to authority in your field

Know exactly how to motivate your clients.

 You might already have all the expertise, but do you know how to help your clients break through their mental and emotional baggage?

Evolve your thinking to grow your business.

Growing your business and charging what you're worth is an inside job. You can be the greatest coach but you also need to think like a business owner

There’s nothing more important than who you are Being. Your identity from which all actions, behaviors and results will flow from. 

Toni Everard

Oh Hey! Have we met? I’m Toni Everard.

I’m the go-to trainer for coaches, leaders and health practitioners who want more confidence, clients and cash flow… with less internal conflict. Being stuck in the crazy hamster-wheel hustle cycle is crap. I get it. So let’s get you unstuck. Our NLP Certification Training, Hypnosis Certification Training and Elevate Business and Mindset Coaching Program are world class because we help well being practitioners and coaches just like you break through barriers to become authentic and aligned in life and business. 


Toni Everard Coaching

Certification Training & Programs

3 Day Hypnosis Training

Scientifically proven, Hypnosis is effective in creating change in repetitive behaviors such as smoking and weight loss, rapid stress reduction, motivation, performance enhancement and pain control

NLP Certification Training


Invest in yourself, your business and your career with this full immersion hands on training. Master your mind, emotions, behaviours and communication and develop world class coaching skills.

Elevate Business & Mindset Coaching Program


Elevate your mindset, advance your NLP skills and grow your business in this unique, tailored coaching program designed specifically for NLP Master Practitioners.  With both group coaching and 1:1 sessions with NLP Master Trainer Toni Everard.


Hear from my past students: 


“I thought I didn’t have time or the money to be able to attend Toni’s training. But I am so glad I did! I not only did the NLP Practitioners course, Hypnosis course but I also did the NLP Master Practitioners course. I am now using these valuable skills in the corporate sector, with private coaching clients and best of all I have gained the skills to master my own mind! Toni is an amazing trainer who is able to break down the most complex concepts and make them relatable and easy to apply. She is patient, energetic and passionate about what she teaches. Toni is committed to seeing her students succeed and for them to use the techniques to continue to positively impact as many lives as possible. Her ongoing support after you attend her courses is priceless. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to learn more about the power of the mind!”

- Donna Adams

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Your job is to be the guardian of your thoughts. Challenge any thought that is not in support of what you want to achieve.

Toni Everard