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5 Ways To Support Your Clients Health and Well Being with Hypnosis

coaching hypnosis well being Dec 27, 2022
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It goes without saying that more people are feeling fearful, stressed and anxious than ever before and that’s why now more than ever people are looking for greater well being with hypnosis.


Coronaphobia has people not just fearing for their health, but also for their job, business and to some extent fearing they aren’t following all the rules that have newly emerged leaving them open to public shaming. 


It has grown to such an extent that people comment on not wanting to cough out loud for fear of being looked upon as a wrong doer and sent into solitary confinement.


The concerning thing is that people who are in constant states of fear suffer from lowered immune systems. This is why it’s so important for people to learn techniques that allow them to be smart instead of fearful. As a hypnotist you have the perfect set of tools at your disposal to help people achieve greater well being with hypnosis.


Here are 5 techniques you can use as a hypnotist that are just as effective for online therapy as they are in a conventional office space.


  1. Rapport

Although rapport was once known as the mysterious state in which the client would get into with the hypnotist making it easy for the client to accept positive suggestion, it is now used as a powerful process through matching and mirroring and then pacing and leading which can ease the client into a much more relaxed state.


  1. Hakalau

Employing the ancient wisdom of Hawaii’s Kahunas with Hakalau allows your client to switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system where they are in an expanded state of awareness in which no negative states can be held.


  1. Visualization

Use stories, metaphors and symbols to tap into the client’s imagination. You might lead them through an enchanted forest or down a magic staircase to several doors that need to be opened. Which door will they choose?


What symbol(s) will they find behind it? Whatever they visualize will help them get a better understanding of how they feel, and what they can do to change it.


  1. Rapid Relaxation

In under 20 minutes you can take your client through a rapid relaxation hypnosis process which can take their stress levels from a 10 down to 0 in, as the name suggests, a very rapid time frame.


  1. Self-hypnosis

Something that’s not widely known is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. That being said it’s a fabulous thing to teach your clients so they can use the technique for themselves to find solutions to problems, reinforce positive thinking, achieve goals, get rid of bad habits, and relax.


Hypnosis is also a fantastic way to support your clients as an addition to your current business if you are a health coach, body worker, counsellor or therapist.

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Toni is a master coach, mentor and internationally accredited trainer who is passionate about helping you let go of your past mental and emotional baggage, so you can get super focused on what you want to achieve and become a highly effective, emotionally intelligent,  influential communicator who is known as the go to authority in your field. Toni Everard Coaching offers training for hypnosis and NLP practitioners, in addition to coaching services.

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