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Top 5 Most Common Limiting Beliefs

beliefs hypnosis mindset nlp time line therapy Dec 27, 2022
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Each of us have unlimited potential but have you ever found your results don’t reflect that reality. Why? Because your unconscious limiting beliefs underpin your results.


By nature you will only put energy into that you believe is going to provide the results you seek. Therefore if you believe something isn’t going to work, even if it’s at an unconscious level, you only put in a halfhearted effort and sabotage your results.


Less action means fewer results. Fewer results means more uncertainty and even lower levels of belief. It’s a vicious cycle going nowhere until you decide to make a change.


“Many people are passionate, but because of their limiting beliefs about who they are and what they can do, they never take actions that could make their dream a reality” – Tony Robbins


As a Master Coach and Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy, the top 5 most common limiting beliefs I’ve found my clients and students to have are:


  1. I’m not qualified enough

If you want to become a neurosurgeon and have only completed 2 of the required 6-7 years of study then this may be true.


What I most commonly see though, are clients who want to grow their business or advance their career. The limiting belief of not having enough qualifications holds them back. It stops them from taking action and moving forward despite their current skills, expertise and experience.


  1. I’m too old

Unless there literally is an age limit placed on what you want to do (and even then rules are meant to be broken) there is nothing stopping you from following your dreams other than your own self imposed limitations.


Often clients who believe they are too old are deleting from their perception the value of their own knowledge and wisdom gained through their years of experience. While there are some 40 & 50 year olds thinking they have missed the boat, there are 80, 90 & 100+ year olds around the world running marathons.


  1. I can’t change

When someone says ‘I can’t change, this is just the way I am’ what they are really saying is either I don’t want to change or I don’t know how to change. Saying I can’t change just means you are doing the process of not changing which in itself implies you can change if you stop doing the process of ‘not‘.


In fact neuroscience now commonly refers to neuroplasticity which is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individuals life.


  1. I don’t have enough time

We all have the same amount of seconds, minutes and hours in our day. So why is it some people seem to live in flow and find time for all the things that are important to them and others run around like mad and never seem to have time for anything?


When clients say they don’t have enough time, what is usually found to be reality is that they don’t currently value something enough to make time for it. Or they have so much negative chatter taking up space in their mind that they simply don’t have the room to focus on anything else in their life right now.


  1. I’m not good enough

Drum roll please……! Yes you guessed it, the number 1 most common limiting belief that clients have is believing they are not good enough.


Not good enough to grow their business, advance their career or make the phone call. To have the relationship, earn the money, lose the weight or be the parent. To take the lead, step up, stand out, speak up, set the goal, face the challenge… and the list goes on.


Where do these limiting beliefs come from?

As a child up to the age of 7 or 8 your mind is like a little sponge. Up to this age children’s brains are primarily in Alpha or Theta brainwave cycles which are similar to those in deep meditation or hypnosis.


That means their minds are permanently open in a learning state, open to suggestion and being programmed by their environment. The beliefs that are carried by our parents and extended families are often passed on to us at that time.


The other way beliefs are formed is by way of making a decision about the meaning of a particular significant event and from that point carrying the limiting belief. An example could be a parent yells and gets upset at a child for something they have done and the child makes the decision that their parents reaction means they are not good enough.


How do you get rid of limiting beliefs?

There are many self help ways you can approach limiting beliefs. Sometimes just by becoming consciously aware will give you a new perspective to let your limiting belief go. Talking to someone you trust about your beliefs can also be a powerful way to get a new perspective. You can write them out, rip them up and burn them if you want to as a symbol of your limiting beliefs disintegrating. Challenge yourself to how you can know they are absolutely true. Write a list of all the empowering truths you want to take on instead.


If you find you are still struggling to shift your limiting beliefs and you need extra help and support, it is worthwhile seeking a coach or therapist. Someone who is trained in working with the unconscious mind such as a Hypnotherapist, NLP or Time Line Therapy Practitioner.


A trained practitioner or therapist will help you find the root cause and eliminate the limiting belief that has been holding you back. Importantly they will also help create strong new empowering beliefs at the unconscious level that will support your goals and what you want to achieve.

If you would like help discovering and eliminating your self limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you can Contact Me Here or Book a Free Strategy Call Here.


Toni is a master coach, mentor and internationally accredited trainer who is passionate about helping you let go of your past mental and emotional baggage, so you can get super focused on what you want to achieve and become a highly effective, emotionally intelligent,  influential communicator who is known as the go to authority in your field. Toni Everard Coaching offers training for hypnosis and NLP practitioners, in addition to coaching services.

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