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Ep 26: Toni Everard - How NLP Coaching can help your business grow

Season #1

A question that I’ve been asked a lot recently is What actually is NLP and how can it help business owners grow to the next level?


If you’re someone who is serious about performing at your best and feel like you need that extra edge to boost you to the next level of growth, this episode is for you.


I’m sharing exactly how I’ve used NLP to grow my own 6 figure business as well as how I’ve helped clients ranging from solopreneurs to $20+ million businesses.


Toni Everard is a multiple award winning NLP Master Trainer, Coach & Therapist who is passionate about helping coaches, practitioners and therapists master their coaching and communication skills and elevate their mindset to build a successful purpose driven business.


Topics Discussed:

What is NLP and why is it so valuable for business?

The key thing you need to shift to get to the next level of growth.

What holds most business owners back

The benefits of using NLP Coaching with your teams.


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