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Ep 27: Craig Collings-Wells - Massage and a holistic approach to coaching

Season #1

Ever wanted to completely change your career and start a business but felt like it was too big a leap?


You’ll want to listen in to this episode because that’s exactly what Craig Collings-Wells of Ethereal Holistic Massage did when he left his 19 year career as a butcher and took the leap of faith to start his own business as a holistic massage therapist 10 years ago and things have continued to grow and evolve since he has introduced NLP and coaching to his skillset.


Craig is a wealth of information when comes to harmonising the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of his clients to create holistic wellness and he is a true leader in his field


Topics Discussed:

Signs your body is telling you it’s time to change career

Why continued personal and professional development are so important for business success

Craig’s approach to massage that gets real results without causing pain to the client

Why a holistic approach to massage creates better results than focusing on physical aspect alone

Important things to know when choosing a massage therapist that’s right for you


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