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Ep 29: Toni Everard - What is modern hypnosis and why is it growing in popularity in 2024?

Season #1

If the name hypnosis brings up images of swinging pocket watches and people clucking like chickens in stage shows, it’s time to get out of the dark ages, discover what hypnosis is really about in 2024 and why it’s again gaining in popularity.


As more and more people search for natural health solutions and mind hacking for enhanced performance, there is a growing demand for hypnosis amongst coaches and health practitioners and with good reason.


In this episode, Toni deep dives into the modern world of hypnosis, how it works and how it can help you and your clients create incredible results from her 8 years experience practicing and teaching Hypnosis.


Toni Everard is a multiple award winning NLP Master Trainer, Coach & Hypnotherapist who is passionate about helping coaches, practitioners and therapists master their coaching and communication skills and elevate their mindset to build a successful purpose driven business.


Topics Discussed:

What is Hypnosis and who can use it?

5 Key mistakes poorly trained hypnotists make

Why learning hypnosis is so important in the digital age

Hypnosis as an antidote to stress


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