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Ep 31: Toni Everard - The number one rule for creating the life and business you want

Season #1

There’s no luck involved when it comes to creating the outcomes you want in your life and business. It all comes down to this one most important rule.


It is the very thing that determines whether you get what you say you want to get or if you are constantly feeling disappointed and giving up on your goals.


It’s also the key for your clients to understand if you want to be known for getting great results.


Toni Everard is a multiple award winning NLP Master Trainer, Coach & Mentor who is passionate about helping coaches, practitioners and therapists master their coaching and communication skills and elevate their mindset to build a successful purpose driven business.


Topics Discussed:

What is the most important rule for getting results?

The mindset shift you must make

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t

The fastest way to empowerment


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