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Ep 32: Dana Baltutis - Supporting neuro diverse children and their parents

Season #1

In this very special episode I’m talking with Dana Baltutis, founder of My Therapy House, about supporting neuro diverse children and their parents and how Dana and her team are adopting NLP to enhance how they communicate within the team and also with their clients to make a real difference in the community.


Dana is a trained speech pathologist with experience working with children and their parents across the globe, she’s also a parent coach, NLP Practitioner and podcaster who truly believes it takes a community to raise a child.


Topics Discussed:

Understanding parent concerns and the support they require

The role of communication at a personal level in a clinical environment

The importance of doing what’s right for the individual

Supporting therapists, practitioners and carers so they can continue to support their clients

Choosing the right provider for your children and knowing where to start


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