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Ep 34: Toni Everard - Mastering the art of effective questioning for great client results

Season #1

As a coach, practitioner or therapist, one of the most powerful tools you can have is effective questioning. 


That’s because your clients have the best answers to their deepest problems already inside of them and they will experience the greatest shifts by making their own connections to their solutions rather than being told all the answers.


Listen in to learn how to know when you need to ask questions and what type of questions you need to get the greatest results.


Toni Everard is a multiple award winning NLP Master Trainer, Coach & Mentor who is passionate about helping coaches, practitioners and therapists master their coaching and communication skills and elevate their mindset to build a successful purpose driven business.


Topics Discussed:

How people process information to create their reality

What to listen out for when your clients are speaking

How the words we use create the majority of problems we have

What type of questions to ask that will have the greatest effect


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